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404                               LIFE  OF
The last years of Ms life, however, lie devoted to the
cMef purposes of his age, and retired (resembling the
ancients in this also) to the solitude of country life, to
Ms castle of Tegel, which lie had made into a real
palace of the muses.
Longing for domestic life principally had induced
"William von Humboldt to give up Ms post in London,
and  in the autumn of 1819  the family were again
united.     But now, when the burden of public affairs
had  been  taken from  him, he could enjoy this re-
union, which he had not been  able  to  do since the
days in  Rome.     He devoted himself with increasing
affection to Ms wife and children; and., indeed, the
amiable part of his nature  became more prominent,
and  the reserve melted away, behind which he had
concealed Ms real self in the days of political activity.
His wife had also satiated her love for the south; Ms
children were  grown up.    Theodor., the eldest^ was
married ; and now, when the wax was over^ he was to
go and superintend the newly-acquired estates.    The
younger son, Herman^ learned forestry after he was
grown  up?  but subsequently "undertook the manage-
ment of the half of the estate of Gstmaehan., and cul-
tivated it with praiseworthy zeaL    He was a quiet
simple man, with agreeable manners, and remained
unmarried.    Caroline,   the eldest daughter.,  also re-
mained unmarried,    She much resembled her father
in character, and was? after little William's death, his
&votirite.    She was lear&ed in languages^ and a seri-
ouSj clever woman, with great depth of feeling,  and
some peculiarity of character.    Adelheid, the  second
daughter,  lived   always   near  her parents^ with,  her
husband, Major von Hedemann, who was adjutant to
Prince WIlliaB% brother of the king:    The youngest
daughter,  Gabriele^ was betrothed   to   Freiherr von
Biilow3 who w&Sy at the time of which we write^ still
d'affaires in London*
They inhabited the stx>rey of a very large maja-
si0n in one of the fiiiesl streets in Berlin, paying, as
Hiebular mentions in some of Ms letters., a rented of